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bibleHey! Welcome to Serving the Lord in truth Ministry! Thanks for coming to our website to check us out. We are excited to be a part of all the great works God is doing through undiluted and sound doctrinal teaching of his word. We acknowledging that development of mind and character is essential to God's redemptive plan, we promote the growth of a mature understanding of and relationship to God, his Word.

The purpose of the
Serving the Lord in truth Ministry is as followers of Christ  we seek to learn, teach and grow in faith and to express our faith practically in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus  Christ.

We seek to be supportive of one another, in the spirit of Christ, in joy and sorrow and in crisis and in common life. We seek to cherish our diversity of gifts and backgrounds as individuals and unite in Christ Jesus through our worship, study, and fellowship and service. We intend to be an inclusive fellowship, without regard to race, class, gender, status or condition.

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Statement of Faith

The personal and visible return of Jesus Christ to fulfill the purposes of God, who will raise all people to judgment, bring eternal life to the redeemed and eternal..

Mission Statement

As followers of Christ we seek to learn, teach and grow in faith; and to express our faith practically in the ministry of our church, our daily life and our work..