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Mission Statement

God the father seek those who will worship Him in truth and in spirit, our mission is to encourage worshipers that God seeks by encouraging pastors and church workers to teach and preach the true love of God that encourages true worshiping of God. We aim to inspire servant of God to diligent and stick to sound doctrinal truth in carrying out the services of their calling.

Mission focus.

  • To encourage pastors and church workers  globally to be faithful to the truth in correct doctrinal teaching and preaching of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To encourage pastors and church workers to resist the temptation to preach and teach what is wrong but may be popular, and what is error but may be appealing to a world that has lost its way.
  • God the Father seeks worshipers who worship in spirit and in truth.It is therefore imperative for the shepherd of God’s flock to serve God in truth.
  • To provide continuous training and retraining for pastors and church workers in order to keep up to date with latest and relevant biblical discoveries and beneficial scholarly developments.
  • To encourage and promote greater unity among pastors and workers of different denominations with a view to providing true channels of learning and development for young pastors and workers in the body of Christ as a whole.


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Statement of Faith

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Mission Statement

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