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Our Vision

Our Vision

Serving the lord in truth Ministry is a vital and life-transforming Ministry where all who preach and teach the word of God are encouraged to be properly prepared for their calling and to preach and teach the truth as established Lord Jesus Christ. We aim to provide training and supports for true servants of God via the internet, books publication and distribution, seminars and conferences.  Continuous learning and studying of God’s word is an Integra part of knowing God and making Him known, we aim to carefully encourage those serving in the Kingdom of God to carry out their calling in a way that glorifies God.

We will consistently encourage all God’s servants to:

  • Be consistent in reading and studying God's Words.
  • Be Prayerful and encourage intercessory prayers.
  • Be careful and Faithful in their services to God.
  • Be ready to encourage and support other servants of God.
  • Be consistent in seeking and obeying God’s will as the serve Him.

Our Focus is to train, prepare, and nurture God's servants to become effective leaders in their God given assignment, thus releasing them to teach and build future generation leaders to carry on the work of God and to serving Him in truth and in spirit.

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Statement of Faith

The personal and visible return of Jesus Christ to fulfill the purposes of God, who will raise all people to judgment, bring eternal life to the redeemed and eternal..

Mission Statement

As followers of Christ we seek to learn, teach and grow in faith; and to express our faith practically in the ministry of our church, our daily life and our work..